Six Tips To Increase Social Shares

Six Tips to Increase Social Shares

As you must be knowing already, social is the way forward for internet marketers. Social media optimization is cost effective as well as efficient. Moreover, it has than uncanny knack of making things viral. Of course not everyone is lucky enough to achieve that but if you somehow manage that, you can get famous overnight without spending anything. There is no definite formula for social media success but you can always follow the people who succeeded earlier and based on such evidences, we are sharing a few methods to improve social shares that you can try yourself.
Make it easy for your audience:If you want people to share your content, you must come across as a credible entity. So use the introductory “about” section of your social media profiles judiciously. Be crisp but clear about what you offer and put a link to your website. Similarly, your website must also be integrated with social media. Every page should have social share buttons such as Facebook Like, Tweet, Google Plus or Reddit share etc. Basically they are more likely to share it if they can do it with one click accordingly to

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Do not hesitate to invite people:You may feel a bit odd to invite all your friends to like your new business page and it is natural. You do not want to alienate your close ones by being too desperate to promote your business. But let us face it, it is the best way to get noticed and get followed, especially if you are just starting a new profile.
Be consistent and be worth following:This goes without saying but anyways, good content is always the key to social media success. Your posts must offer something. It maybe some practical tips that can help people or it may be just entertainment through some jokes. Whatever you share, they must be relevant to your business but they must be so good that people feel compelled to share them with their friends.
Lend a personal touch:One of the best ways to connect with people online is to lend a personal touch. Talk in first person if possible and provide a feeling that there is a genuine person talking behind the social media profile and not just a bot. Do not always be overtly promotional and talk about different but related topics. Address to people directly while engaging with them to make them feel welcome.
Never forget call to action:Cleverly crafted call to action lines should always accompany your posts. These lines should not be overt but should just hint at sharing. But the fact is that if you have a good image and if you request people to share, they are more than likely to oblige.
Use paid promotions judiciously:Almost every social network has an advertisement program nowadays. Pepperpotdigital insist you can always use them to enhance your reach and get more shares. But do not just splurge on them. Be very specific and targeted in your campaigns and it is always great if you can just get viral without spending any money.

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